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White Sangria

I don’t know about you, but I need a drink. Maybe it’s because my to-do list grew exponentially while I was off doing nothing for a few days at the beach. Maybe it’s because the state of Virginia forgot about Spring and went straight for Summer. Hard core. Maybe it’s because someone stupidly signed up for a half marathon the weekend after returning from vacation. This weekend. Like tomorrow. 13.1 miles. Pour me another.

I’m running the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon. It starts and ends at a vineyard. They serve wine at the water stops. You receive a wine glass at the finish to use at the 9:30am finishers wine celebration. Medals? That’s so overdone. Really, this sounds like one huge, bad decision.

And if that weren’t enough, the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival will be taking place about four miles from our house all weekend long. Time to clear some space on the wine rack. I know, tough task. So let’s get down to business. I’ll save you the 13.1 miles and get straight to the wine.

I went white. Cool. Crisp. Fruity. It’s summer in a glass. I used a Sauvignon Blanc because it’s one of my favorite white wines. Use what you like. The pineapple adds a summer sweetness that makes you wish your feet were bare and in the sand. And if you can wait until the end of the glass, the wine soaked fruit will have you licking your fingers and wanting more. Maybe well-mannered people use a fork. But I don’t know any of those.

So here’s to a beautiful weekend. May my legs runneth far

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and your cup runneth over. Cheers!

White Sangria (very loosely adapted from Rachel Ray) Ingredients: 1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc (750ml) (or other dry white wine) 1/4 cup Grand Marnier (or other orange liqueur such as Cointreau or Triple Sec) 1 cup pineapple juice 3 tablespoons sugar 1 nectarine, sliced 1/2 small pineapple, chopped 1/2-1 cup white grapes 6 oz blackberries 1 cup Prosecco (or other sparkling wine or club soda) (optional) Directions:

  1. Add cut fruit to a large pitcher. Add sugar. Pour wine, Grand Marnier and pineapple juice over the fruit. Stir. Let chill in refrigerator for at least an hour.
  2. To serve, spoon out fruit into glasses and pour sangria
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    overtop. Add a few blackberries to each glass and top with Prosecco.


  1. Again, I think any dry, crisp white wine will do. I wouldn’t pick anything too sweet, since you’re adding juice and sugar.
  2. The fruit is a combination of what I enjoy. Add in any fruit you like. Peaches, apples, berries, lemon, lime, melon, etc.
  3. The grapes. You’ll notice I halved my grapes. I found it annoying to cut already small grapes in half. I think they’d be fine just popping them in whole. Even better…freeze them and have little grape ice cubes to keep your drink cold.
  4. I anticipate a slow, slow race. I haven’t been running much and when I have, I haven’t been hydrating with wine. I’m doing this with friends and we’ve decided this is a fun run. Goal: get to the finisher’s wine celebration before the barrels run dry.

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Posted on June 3, 2011

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