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No-knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread

If you’re gluten free, just stop reading now. Let me save you the heartache. Go here. Or here. Or here. But really, don’t stay here unless you want to join me in self-inflicted torture. So this is what happens when you go gluten free:

Expired Flour

I thought about tossing it in the garbage. I thought about giving it to a friend. I thought about just leaving it and dealing with it later. But instead I made the best smelling thing ever to come out of this kitchen. The definition of torment? This crusty, cinnamony, warm, glutenous loaf of bread you’re staring at. Instead of tossing that bag of flour, I baked 10 gluten-full loaves of bread. 10. Like, 1, 2, 3….TEN. So what does one gluten-free girl do with ten gluten-full loaves of bread. Well, remember how I work from home? The only place I normally go during the day is the gym. So…wait. Before I tell you, please promise you’ll still be my friend. Because now, after the fact, I realize I’ve reached a new level of crazy. I passed loaves of bread out in the locker room. I did. I really did. Hi, I’m Krissy. My gym bag reeks of cinnamon raisin bread and I’ve completely lost it. Someone help me. Before going gluten-free I made Macheesmo’s no-knead bread

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all the time. And here I did it again. Ten times. But I added a little cinnamon and

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some raisins. I’m not going to retype the recipe. Nick has great directions that you should follow over on his site. This bread is so simple. I really don’t think you can mess it up. I’ve tried. I’ve used cold water, mismeasured, forgotten the dough for almost an entire day, and each time it turns out. Each time it comes out of the oven with a crisp, browned edge and soft, doughy guts. Perfection. The name gives it away but this bread needs no kneading. None. Just mix all the ingredients together and wait. Waiting is the hardest part. Don’t be intimidated. You can do this. And then you can do it again. And again. And again. And join me on the crazy train.   No-knead Cinnamon Raisin Bread Ingredients: Nick’s no-knead bread 2 tablespoons cinnamon 1 cup raisins Butter, cinnamon and sugar for topping Directions: 1. Add the cinnamon and raisins with the rest of the dry ingredients then do as Nick says. Notes:

  1. I do not use any water for steam when baking as Nick suggests. I forgot to do it the first time I made the bread and it was tasty so I never got in the habit of doing it. I’m sure it helps but it doesn’t ruin the bread if you forget.
  2. I bake my bread on our pizza stone. Be sure to let it pre-heat with the oven.
  3. Planning. This bread takes some planning, but the dough is very flexible. I’ve made it after 13 hours of rising and I’ve waited as long as 21 hours. I don’t suggest waiting that long. It does begin to dry out. But again, it was still good. Or at least that’s what my gym friends said.
  4. I tried a GF version. It didn’t work. I did think these photos were interesting so I thought I’d share.

    Stretchy, chewy, gluten-full dough

    See the texture difference? No gluten here.

  5. In the GF version above I added rosemary, basil, oregano and garlic. The flavor was great but the texture was terrible. The varieties of bread you can make with this recipe are endless. Someone please add dried cherries and chocolate and get back to me.
  6. When the bread is warm out of the oven I smothered the top with butter and some cinnamon and sugar. I’m certain it was the best part. Don’t skip it.


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Posted on March 22, 2012

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