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A Nantucket Wedding Cake

I did it! I made a wedding cake for 92 people in Nantucket and I didn’t have a nervous breakdown! Well…I sort of did on the flight over but that had nothing to do with the cake. Why do they even make planes that small? After a shot of tequila and some tears I was fine. Once my feet were on the ground I got going on the cake. On Thursday, I baked each layer and frosted them with a crumb coating. Friday we explored the island and the cake stayed in the refrigerator all day. On Saturday morning, the day of the wedding, I finished frosting, stacking and decorating. I used this tutorial from Sprinklebakes as a guide. It went off without a hitch. Earlier in the week I had packed all my equipment and sent it in the car with the bride. I was really nervous I was going to forget something critical but I had everything I needed. As a bonus, the house we stayed in was equipped with a double oven. And now I need one in my own house, like yesterday.

People seemed to really like it. There wasn’t a slice left at the end of the night. It wasn’t gluten free so I actually didn’t try it but I used a recipe given to me by the bride. She had requested a Hummingbird cake which was new to me. It’s a yellow cake made with bananas and pineapple. I made this cinnamon cream cheese frosting to go with it.  I was really excited for this wedding on so many levels. I was excited for a vacation to Nantucket. I was excited for the challenge of making the cake. And most of all, I was excited to see my dear friend get married. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I’d do it all over again…minus the toy plane.

*The pictures of me were taken by my friend Chris.

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Posted on September 18, 2012

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