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Real Talk: CrossFit 6 Month Update

source I don’t normally come here to ramble about anything other than food but for the past six months I’ve done something I’ve never really done before and I want to document it. I’ve taken some time to focus a little more on myself. The whole concept still sounds really selfish to me. It’s an ongoing process, but I tried hard for these last few months to keep the focus on myself and my well-being and well, the outcome…it’s something worth writing about.

Olympic lifting class at my box

Learning a little something about olympic lifting

I’m gonna take it back for a minute. I used to be a runner. I ran a lot. At one point I was probably running 50-60 miles a week, easy. It was always more of a social thing for me. I loved running with friends. I loved racing with friends. I loved taking the time during long runs to catch up. I would race with friends and run their pace, well, because it was never about me. It was about our time together or more often than not, I wanted them to have a great run even if it meant sacrificing mine. Running started to hurt me so I scaled back and started lifting. I’d meet friends at the gym and often would just do what they wanted to do because again, I never made it about me. I was just happy to be there working out together. You want to do upper body today? Sure, no problem. I did it yesterday, but I don’t care. And I really didn’t because we’d laugh, sweat a little and laugh some more, but guess where that got me? Surprisingly unhappy with myself. I was making no progress. I was bored. The athlete in me was annoyed knowing I was capable of more but not doing anything about it. Insert CrossFit.

My Level 1 training group

Today marks six months of CrossFit for me. You may remember when I started. I basically wrote an advertisement for CrossFit and my box (box = CrossFit gym), PrStar, on this blog but it was and still is my honest opinion. This last six months have been amazing. We overuse that word, at least I do. But really, in its truest meaning this time, amazing. In the last six months I’ve said no to runs and races with friends. I’ve actually said yes a few times, got real with myself and canceled (so not like me). I’ve even found myself moving plans around so I can go to the box and workout. All things I would have never done before. But I swore to myself I was going to focus on me and holy shit, it works. I can honestly say I have never been stronger, healthier or happier. My confidence, which was waning, is present and powerful. My strength, which seemed stagnant, is continually growing.
The end of one of my very first CrossFit workouts

The end of one of my very first CrossFit workouts

CrossFit takes quite a beating from its critics. I’ve never really seen so much hate directed at something that’s such a positive outlet in so many lives. But I ignore that as I do with most of the negativity in my life and I’ve fully enveloped myself in the CrossFit community. It’s something I’ve obviously become very passionate about. And at the risk of sounding quite dramatic, it’s been life changing. But it’s the truth, for me anyway. I’m sure people feel this way about yoga or running or reading or something else but CrossFit is my release. It is my mental clarity. There’s something about checking out of reality for a few minutes, forgetting all your stresses and concentrating on yourself. There’s something about that red digital clock counting down the seconds you have left to lay it all out. There’s something about people cheering you on, genuinely interested in seeing you do better. There’s something about CrossFit.
I don't remember what this workout was but it looks like it was super easy. (I'm the one passed out in the back in green socks)

I don’t remember what this workout was but it looks

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like it was super easy. (I’m the one passed out in the back in green socks)

Oh, and those people cheering? I can’t write this without mentioning them. Those people have seen me at my worst. Usually soaked in sweat laying on the ground. I’ve cried. I’ve bled. I’ve been the first to finish. I’ve been the last to finish. And through all of that, those people are there, clapping and yelling and pushing. Those people are my friends and I can’t thank them enough for their support.
This was during PR Star's 9/11 tribute WOD.

This was during PR Star’s 9/11 tribute WOD.

I can sit here all day and tell you how great CrossFit is, but that’s just my opinion. I totally understand that it might not be your thing. But I can tell you this…find your thing. And whatever it is, commit. Commit to it. Commit to yourself because what I’ve learned from this past six months is that there is no end to my strength (physical or mental) and I will be back for more, every day, for me, and only me. I found my happy. Find yours. 3…2…1…go. BEFORE PICTURES Sadly, I don’t have many before pictures. In fact, I texted some friends asking for any pictures they had of me from six months ago and I got this response: “I don’t have any. You always dodge the camera.” So yeah, these are my before pictures. I used to do this thing where I wore dark clothes and hid behind babies. (See the part about losing confidence above.) hoodies and babies. the usual. more hiding behind babies AFTER PICTURES
ring dipping

ring dipping bright and early this AM

Feeling stronger than ever these days

Feeling stronger than ever these days

A few stats worth mentioning:

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