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If you came here looking for some risqué content featuring buff, brawny men and scantily clad women, you’ll be sorely disappointed, as the only thing naked around here is the food. Welcome to Make it Naked where I’ll be sharing with you my love for good food. And that’s it. Just food. Nothing fake here. Real, whole, organic, gluten free food.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Krissy.

I’m not a chef, nor do I have any sort of formal culinary schooling, but I like to be in the kitchen, all 100 sq ft of it. I went to the University of Virginia and somehow came out with a legit engineering degree. I put that to use doing nerdy engineering things during the day (insert: protractors, CAD drawings, and pocket protectors). When asked about pie, I’d tell you how those store bought brands are laden with transfat and other indecipherable ingredients and how easy it is to make your own. Oh, you meant π? Yeah, I have no idea.

Lucky for me, I married someone who might love cooking more than I do. Meet Jon.

He’s the most patient, laid back, easy going person I know. He’s my best friend, personal chef, nightly comedian and daily counselor. He’ll make guest appearances, especially when the grill is involved. He likes meat, bourbon and golf. A simple man with a sense of humor and an unrivaled ability to season a steak. What’s not to love?

So, what exactly am I making naked? A little bit of everything. You’ll see cookies, salads, cakes, cookies, seafood, ice cream, brownies, soup, oh, and cookies. The recipes come from a few of my favorite cookbooks, magazines, websites, and people including Martha, Giada, Bobby Flay, Gina DePalma and Grandma. I may even share a few of my very own kitchen creations (the edible ones). And if you have a special request, pass it along and I’ll try it. I love a challenge.

What you won’t find here is hydrogenated oils, dyes, chemicals or any artificial ingredients. Food is amazing in its natural whole form and that’s what I’ll do here. I’ll leave the engineering to the day job and keep my food naked.

And for the record. π is 3.14…something.


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